Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Minor setbacks

So my plans have not gone exactly as I thought they would.  The next Monday, my husband hurt his back putting him out of commission until he could get a spinal injection this past Friday.  Thus without someone to do the heavy lifting (though I am not sure he should now) and watch the kids while I unbury the garage, I was not able to get much done.  However, I am not giving up!  My mom and I were able to go shopping for some shelving to get prices and measurements, so one thing has gotten done.  I plan this week to get the trash out, call and schedule a donation pickup, and measure for the shelves.  I am hoping by next week to have the garage painted.  I want to do this while the weather is still nice, so there is no problems with it drying.  Since I wanted this to be kind of his man cave, I want my husband to pick out the color of the paint.  I am planning to get that done this weekend.  I am thinking to go with the primer and paint in one to save time.  Cross your fingers and say a little prayer that no more obstacles like that come up again!