Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 1 - Getting started

I found this 29 day organization challenge on the website, I'm an Organizing Junkie (  I was inspired!!  While it was hard to narrow down which room to pick, we finally chose the garage.  I felt with spring weather coming soon, it would be so nice to get the garage cleaned out and functional for storing the kids bikes and scooters (instead of in our front entryway).  I also thought it would be nice to use the garage for one of it's intended uses, to store a car!  Crazy isn't it?!?  While I thought I can motivate my husband to get excited by talking about organizing his tools and making his work bench more functional, I am also going to try and get a planting table together for myself in time for spring planting. 
I have recruited help from my mom who aspires to be a professional organizer.  She loves this stuff, so she has volunteered to help keep my on the path instead of getting distracted and/or frustrated.  It's always nice to have some support when taking on a task like this one!  We started with taking pictures.

This is pretty much all four angles of the garage.  It's pretty much our catch all for what we don't want in the house along with some tools, dog food, and yard equipment.  It's also where my husband stores his kayak and fishing stuff.  Once we clear everything out, we will look at what we have left, and how we need this garage to work for us. 
I sat down and worked on a timeline of when and what I needed to get down to complete this project by the end of the month.  Ready, set, go!! :)